What goes into Discover MODX

The initiative to build Discover MODX was formed when it became clear that whilst the documentation available from MODX was reasonably good, there were obviously many other resources available scattered across the web.

In an effort to bring these together, Discover MODX was born. Here you will find a multitude of tutorials to help you with your journey into MODX.

The philosophy behind Discover MODX was to try and build, where possible with core extras and with mininal customization. Inevitably, however, there has been some modifications and "hacking" of some snippets, but for the most this site has been built using standard extras. Below you will find a list of the ingredients that make up Discover MODX.

  • WAYFINDER - builds the menus and navigation
  • TINYMCE - backend RTE
  • FORMIT - submitting links to custom table
  • MIGX- create CMP to manage links
  • IF - create arguments to manage data
  • ROWBOAT - loops over data in custom table and returns information
  • ADVSEARCH - search facility with custom snippet to search custom table
  • BREADCRUMBS - navigation
  • FONTAWESOME - icons used on site
  • GETURLPARAM - linking the author pages
  • HYBRIDAUTH - allowing registration and sign in via Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • LOGIN - secure pages for profile, link management
  • PERSONALIZE - personalise the page when logged in
  • TWITTERX - provides twitter feed from @discovermodx
  • GETPAGE - pagination of multiple links
  • GETRESOURCES - used to collate the resources under Extras link
  • ACE - backend syntax highlighter
  • VERSIONX - versioning control

The site has the initiative of Helen Warner, aka boomerang (MODX forum) and @crimsonpixel and has been supported by a number of the MODX core team including Ryan, Jay and Gary, plus a number of Ambassadors and developers who are keen to help other learn more about MODX.

Below are some of the key members involved plus the volunteers who help to moderate and manage the site:

Mark Hamstra (moderator)

Bruno Perno

Helen Warner (moderator)

YJ Tso (moderator)